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Do I come to you, or you to me? 

Single individual appointments and bridal trials are held in my space in Philadelphia, 19147. Weddings, events, groups, etc. I travel to you. Over 25 miles will require a time/travel/toll fee. Please inquire about travel and parking fees.

Do you have a minimum amount of services for wedding day services?

Yes, we have a minimum of 4 adults, including the bride, for a wedding day event.


Do you have different foundation/powder shades?

Yes, I have a wide range of shades from porcelain to ebony.


Can I bring my own make-up? 

Yes, you can bring your own shadows, skin products, or mascara if you prefer. But please know I do have a extensive kit, with a variety of foundation shades, blushes, lipsticks, etc. to accommodate a wide range of skin tones and requests, as well as clean and disposable applicators.

How do you clean your make-up brushes? 

After each use I sanitize my brushes with Cinema Secrets anti-bacterial brush cleaner. This is comparable to a make-up brush safe barbicide. I also use a 70% alcohol spray & clean each brush with anti-bacterial brush shampoo after each event.

Do you do TF shoots? 

I receive many TF shoot requests & therefore must be selective. I have a kit fee of $50

Do you do hair?

I do light hair for photo shoots, which includes curling & straightening. I do not do updos or wedding hair. I recommend Shannon Toner 267-437-0770 for all hair requests. Shannon travels on-site and a joint trial can be arranged.

Do you do airbrush make-up?

Yes, I have a professional Iwata and TEMPTU Airbrush system with a variety of shades. 

What is bridal trial make-up?

A trial is when we discuss your make-up needs and I apply make-up to you as a trial run. Here we can discuss things you like or want to focus on, as well as tweak anything in preparation for your big day.

Do you have waterproof make-up? Will the make-up stay all day? 

First, I used high quality make-up primer on eyelids and skin which gives the makeup a base to stick to and helps the color stay radiant and true. Then, I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Lastly, I use a professional grade setting powder and setting spray which also allows the make-up to stay put throughout the day. If you find yourself tearing, always remember to dab your tear duct, never rub you eyes.

My bridal party/event includes many girls, do you have an assistant?

Yes, I do have assistants. The number of girls and time limits determine if I will bring a second Artist or not.

How long does a make-up application take?

On average between 35-40 minutes; however this can vary depending on false lash application, air brush, or elaborate detailed looks. It can also be as little as 15 minutes for runway shows, etc. I easily adapt based on client need.

Can I bring or e-mail you a picture of a look I like?

Yes, you can. This is very helpful as different people use different descriptors to describe what they want. 

Can you recommend any professional photographers? 

Yes, I have worked with many photographers who are professional and skilled, notably Chuck Adams

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash payment.

Do you accept tips?

If you are pleased with my work, I appreciate any gratuity offered. I also truly value any word of mouth recommendations, as this is where most of my business stems from.

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