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New Product Review: cariPRO #smilefearlessly #smilebrilliant

Okay, let’s start from the top! So most of my life I’ve used subpar basic manual toothbrushes — mostly firm bristles verses soft. I thought the harder I brushed the cleaner and whiter my teeth would be, right? No. I was tearing up my gums and my dentist still said I had some plaque build up especially on my bottom teeth that aren’t perfectly straight.

So what did I do? I went to the pharmacy and got me a battery powered toothbrush. I thought I was fancy now. I used it for a while until the battery ran out. I’m a busy girl, I don’t have time to be checking battery sizes and going to the store to replenish all the time. I’m all about convenience. From there, I used my dead toothbrush for awhile...

Next time I was at the dentist same report from the dentist. No significant improvements from a gum or plaque perspective. The hygienist suggested an electric toothbrush. I told her I tried the battery powered one for awhile, but she said those ones only have one setting and the bristles vibrate in the same back and forth motion whereas most electric toothbrushes have multiple settings with different size bristles and different motions to get in all those tiny crevices. Okay, makes sense. So on my way out I see a pretty shiny new electric toothbrush in a glass enclosed display case. I’m curious so I ask the receptionist how much? I wish I didn’t! $299!!? That thing better be gold plated with powers to straighten, whiten, and floss my teeth for me with the flip of a switch for that price. Thank you, next.

Alright, so here we go back to my old routine. My moms birthday was coming up so I decided to buy her her own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit, like mine (more about that later). I’m on the website checking everything out and I come across the CariPro electric toothbrush. Interesting...let me see what this is all about. I check out the look, what comes in the package, reviews, and of course the price! OMG...deluxe package for less than half the price of my dentists, yes, the deluxe not even the individual (which is even more affordable). Jaw drop. I couldn’t get that bad boy in my cart quick enough. I’ve spent that much on my crappy firm and battery powered toothbrushes over the last year no doubt.

I patiently wait for my new toothbrush, which actually came super fast, check out my unboxing here: @tinakanebeauty. I opened it in the middle of the day and I didn’t even really need to brush my teeth at the moment but I did because I was so anxious to try it.

You know I tried all 5 settings...! The difference is the way the bristles move and how they move. It pulses in different ways. The brush head also has different size bristles that I use to focus on my bottom front teeth that aren’t perfectly straight, so I can get at that pesky plaque in every nook and cranny.

After using the cariPro my teeth just feel cleaner. I like to use the gum care setting on my gums instead of killing them with my archaic firm manual brush. My other favorite setting is whitening! I noticed after using it for one week along with my Smile Brilliant whitening gel it gave my teeth like a super boost, they are whiter than I ever remember and people are already commenting on it. I am so excited for my next dentist appointment (that sounds so lame, haha), but I already KNOW the hygienist is going to notice no more plaque on my bottom teeth and I can’t wait to tell her why.

I’m done toothbrush hopping, I found my IT brush. Plus, it so conveniently comes with a wireless charger, no batteries. I love cariPro! Feel free to message me with any questions, I’m happy to tell you more about my experience.

And don’t forget your %20 discount with code ‘tkartistry20’ (that’s up to a $40 discount for the couples package)!

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