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Tina's Personal Favorite Mascara

Hi #beauties, I get the question 'what mascara do you use' a lot, so I figured I'd write a quick blog post about it so I can tell everyone at once! For a couple years, I've been using #ThriveLiquidLashExtensions mascara in the color 'Bryn', which is black. I honestly just came across it on a #Facebook ad when I was tired of my previous mascara formula and thought it looked amazing in the videos. I took a chance and bought one, and have had it on auto ship every two months ever since.

I get one tube every two months. The tube is sleek with a heavy luxurious feel. It is not made out of plastic. I use it every day and at the two month mark it is pretty dried out. One tube cost $24, which is comparable to any tube you'd buy in #Ulta or #Sephora. Thrive can be purchased online only. This one is my favorite because it lengthens, spreads out, and thickens my lashes. Without #mascara, my lashes are bleach blonde and you can't see them at all. The brush is a pretty standard medium to long length and thickness and made out of plastic.

A few things to know, this is NOT waterproof. If it gets wet, it will come off. It will not run down your face, but kind of clumps off. Therefore, it's not a mascara to wear on your #weddingday or if you have very watery eyes normally. My eyes are pretty 'normal' and I don't have issues with watering, so it stays on for me really well. I don't think it comes in a waterproof formula. It did just come out in a second color, 'Crystal', which is a black brown shade.

To apply it, I actually do one coat all over my lashes, then my second coat I focus on the tips of my lashes, which enhances its lengthening properties. It adheres to each lash almost like a 'tube'. It dries in about 15 to 20 seconds, so you have this amount of time to work with it.

Aside from the lengthening, my next favorite thing about it is how easy it is to remove. I was never a woman who could remove her eye make-up without a make-up wipe. If I hopped in the shower with my make-up on and washed my face, I'd still have black streaks down my cheeks and need to use a make-up remover wipe when I got out. With the #ThriveMascara, it does not smudge, with water only (no soap) it comes off gently. It comes off in like little tubes or fibers. I now never use make-up wipes to take off my own make-up when I use Thrive, which is so fast and convenient! I like having to skip the make-up wipes too, because I was never a fan of rubbing the delicate skin around my eyes.

I know this is hard to visualize, so I will add some photos so you can see what I am talking about. Below is a link to the Thrive Causemetics website.Thanks for reading and feel free to ask me any questions you have!

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