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Emergency Make-up Services

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Hi TKB followers ❤️ I wanted to share that Tina Kane Beauty is offering emergency make-up services for brides who’ve have to #changethedate of their special day due to COVID19 and their original beauty team is not available.

I can’t imagine the stress of planning a ‘normal’ wedding, let alone the panic of having to then move all those pieces around to reassemble the whole date on a new date — with some being available & other vendors not. I’m a huge planner and like to get things done in advance. I feel anxious when things have to be changed last minute. With Spring brides having to change everything, if their beauty team is not available, I hope to step in and ease this stress.

Please e-mail to inquire about your new date, we are happy to help. We love our brides!

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Tina Kane
Tina Kane
13 abr 2020

Check this out!

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