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Lip Stains

I've been wanting to write this for a long time. I feel like brides often say they want a lip stain, but I'm not entirely convinced they are actually requesting a true lip stain. Lip stain -- think when you dye Easter eggs and the dye leaves a faded 'stain' of the color on the egg. This is very similar to a lip stain. Or -- think how beets dye your fingers when you cut them. A lip stain is not a liquid lipstick which is thick, drier, with a matte finish. Its not a chapstick, lip crayon, traditional lipstick or lip gloss. In fact, I'd say its kind of hard to find a real lip stain as they aren't really too popular as far as finding a stain as a staple in your average woman's make-up bag - at least in my area. When I worked for Benefit Cosmetics (one of the brands who still sell a traditional lip stain) it wasn't a popular product I sold.

BeneTint from Benefit Cosmetics is a true lip stain. Its texture is a bit watery not thick and sticky. It goes on with a very natural sheen type finish and as the day goes on eventually the sheen fads away and your left with a stained or dyed look to your lips. The Balm brand used to carry a lip stain long ago like this-- they have

some now that they market as 'stains' (as does MAC) but in my opinion they are redefining/reformulating what a true lip stain is. Lets take MACs lipstain - to me its definitely more like a gloss with a thicker shiny finish. Its kind of like a long wear gloss to me verses a stain because I had to reapply to maintain my desired color. It was a lighter color so I'll try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

BeneTint, The Balm, etc. original lip stains tended to be more red, berry, or pink in tone.

I think brides who may not be versed on all lip product options may think this is the only option for long lasting lips on their wedding day, but this isn't true. Liquid lipsticks are long lasting, mostly non-transferable, and vibrant. You do not want to re-apply often (nor should you have to) because it can become too thick and flaky with too many layers. If you find yourself in this predicament, its better to remove the liquid lipstick and start with a fresh layer. MAC Cosmetics has a 'pro long wear' line that includes lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners that have extended wear. These can be a bit transferable (when you kiss your partner) but have a really beautiful finish and a variety of finishes. Another trick to achieve a long wear effect is simply using lip liner to fill in your entire lips. This can be minimally transferable and diffused for a natural look.

I hope this helped you learn about what a lip stain really is and how to best describe to your make-up artist what look you want.

Lip Stain:

Liquid Lipstick:

Lip Liner Filling In Entire Lips:

Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lip Liner Combo:

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